Funny gender reveal fails

By Melissa Grant

More and more couples are finding out their baby’s sex by hosting gender reveal parties.

Gender reveals often involve the expectant parents cutting into a cake to reveal pink or blue sponge, popping balloons filled with pink or blue confetti or opening a box to release blue or pink balloons.

Some even let off blue or pink coloured fireworks or jump out of planes with coloured parachutes.

Gender reveal parties can be an exciting way to discover your bub’s gender in front of family and friends.

But they can also go horribly wrong.

Here are some funny videos of gender reveal fails:

1. This couple spent weeks planning their reveal, but the baker spectacularly failed to do his part.

2. A husband and wife in the US were expecting a boy or girl – and NOT a fire! Their gender reveal went horribly wrong when they fired a rifle at an explosive powder and sparked a fire that burned nearly 47,000 acres.

3. A mum-to-be waits for the baseball to explode to reveal what she’s having but instead cops the baseball in the face.

4. A baby’s gender is literally left up in the air, when the gender reveal balloon filled with coloured confetti flies away before the parents to be can pop it!