The Real Dads of Melbourne

Jarrad (Blue Shirt) and Michael (Pink Shirt) with Reid. 185987_10

By Melissa Meehan

You might know them as the Real Dads of Melbourne, but Jarrad and Michael Duggan-Tierney and their son Reid say they are just your regular family.

While their family dynamic might be different to most, they share the same struggles navigating parenthood and finding the balance of routine, playtime, homework and a busy social life.

Jarrad and Michael are one of approximately 6800 same sex couples with a child in Australia.

The couple, who live in the Glen Eira area, didn’t set out to become famous on social media either.

They started their Instagram site as a way for family who live interstate to see Reid grow up.

But their followers quickly grew to 91,000.

“I think we became interesting during the time of the same sex marriage debate – some people had never seen a modern family actually functioning and people were only getting information, not the tactile image of a family who loved each other,” Jarrad said.

“We are just a typical family.”

Their most popular photos and videos are of Reid – who has a quirky personality.

“We try to capture the highlights, but there is a lot we don’t share. And now that he’s eight I ask permission to post, and sometimes he says no,” he said.

“It’s very different to the cute baby in the pram all those years ago – now he’s worried whether it was his best dancing.”

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