Button battery warning ahead of Halloween

Parents are being reminded about the dangers around roads and novelty items that contain button batteries in the lead up to Halloween.

Kidsafe Victoria is urging parents about the dangers of button batteries, which can be found in different Halloween-themed decorations that flash and light up around this time of year.

General Manager of Kidsafe Victoria, Jason Chambers, said they can become stuck in a child’s throat and burn through the oesophagus in less than two hours.

“Novelty items that light up, make sounds or flash often contain button batteries – we encourage all parents and carers to inspect items and if the battery compartment isn’t secure, make sure the items are kept out of the sight and reach of children,” he said.

Mr Chambers also encouraged active supervision of children while trick or treating around suburban streets.

“Children are unpredictable and surprisingly quick – they tend to only look ahead and can’t tell which direction sounds are coming from, which places them at greater risk around roads, car parks and driveways,” he said.

“Halloween can be an exciting time for children who are eager to get to as many houses in the neighbourhood as they can to collect their treats, so it’s important that they are actively supervised by an adult to help keep them safe.”

He suggested setting safety rules for kids, such as staying with the group and always crossing the road with someone, as well as keeping items away from children that contain button batteries.


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