Every stitch counts at PSW

The new Cheltenham store.

PSW Uniforms recently celebrated a milestone of 30 years in business as a trusted Australian owned and operated school wear supplier delivering high quality garments, an extensive range and great value.

The business has experienced significant growth since it began back in 1990 in the Kingston area, and from the time the first store in Cheltenham opened back in 1994.

Today, there are 17 retail stores across Victoria and one in Kingsford, NSW.

With manufacturing facilities in China, owned by PSW, they currently service well over 1000 schools and dress over 500,000 students each year working with schools through the entire process to design and develop quality garments right through to the end product.

In November, PSW celebrated the opening of a new store in Cheltenham, in line with the growth of the business.

Despite the evolution of the business, its values have stayed the same with comfort and value in mind for the students who are ambassadors every time they step out in their school uniforms.

General manager of sales and marketing, Greg Madigan, explained the evolution of the business.

“The roots of our business are engrained in the south-east of Melbourne,” he said.

“The expansion and change that has occurred has brought us to this point – it’s all about us trying to improve our service to the schools, parents and ultimately the student wearing the uniform and we are continuing to evolve.”

The new store in Cheltenham was opened with an official launch in late November and Mr Madigan said the PSW success story speaks for itself.

“We have a similar situation with another store upscaling and opening up in the new year,” he said.

“We are continually improving our offer to the school, parents and to the students who wear our uniforms.

“With the success we have had, it has meant we have needed to move to a bigger space.

“For us it’s a really big move, and we are proud of the fact it because of growth.

“It’s a really positive story for us and we are continually working with schools. There’s rapid change occurring be it a fashion perspective, a functionality perspective, and people’s tastes change, we want to continue to work with our current and future schools to look after their needs.

“PSW is proud to work with schools in a changing environment.”

Mr Madigan said PSW uniforms are the connector between schools and their communities, and it’s imperative students look and feel great when wearing the uniform.

“It’s important to work with schools to provide the best possible extension to their brand,” he said.