Life-saving skills, fun and water play at GESAC


At Glen Eira Leisure, the team believe that learning swimming and water safety is an essential life-saving skill.

They know how important it is for children to learn water survival skills from an early age.

The Swim School at Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre (GESAC) enables children of any age or ability to take part in swimming.

A new Aqua Play Group session is available for three to six month olds (accompanied in the water by a parent).

It’s a great opportunity for parents to get in the water with their bub and begin to familiarise themselves with water and gain confidence.

The sessions are led by an instructor with songs, games, submersion and floating activities.

Lessons in the Swim School are available for children 6 months and up.

At GESAC, programs have a strong technical focus while maintaining a fun environment – ensuring that children master the essential skills and technique.

Students will progress through the structured levels at their own pace with the guidance of caring and qualified teachers.

The Little Buccaneers classes (under three) encourages water confidence with a parent present.

They involve specially adapted games, songs and routines aimed at water familiarisation and development of safety and swimming skills.

They are held in the wellness program pool (heated to 34 degrees) which is a comfortable environment for both parents and children.

The swimming programs teach children vital skills, but also promotes how fun and enjoyable swimming is as an activity.

Progressing through the Swim School aims to develop your child’s confidence in their water safety and swimming skills.

However, it’s not just about fun – swimming also provides a range of health and wellbeing benefits!

Swimming helps keep your child’s heart and lungs healthy, builds strength and flexibility, improves balance, posture and stamina.

Swim school creates opportunities to meet new friends and grow confidence in socialising.

Water confidence, health and fun are not the only benefits to your child learning to swim.

Swimming also opens up the door to a range of other activities.

It is also more accessible for children with additional needs than most other sports.

Come join the Swim School at Glen Eira Leisure – the team look forward to seeing you!