Pram Pouch perfect for busy parents

Emily wanted to make life easier for parents with the pram pouch design. 200678_01

When Emily Jones set out to find the perfect bag for her pram after she welcomed her daughter Hannah, she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for.

She wanted durability, functionality and she wanted it to be secured to the pram to make getting out the door with kids that much easier.

Like many new mums, she missed the ease at which she’d been able to leave the house before kids.

“I realised there’s really no room in the pram to do a shop once you’ve got the nappies and everything in there,” she said.

Emily’s search didn’t give her much, so she went about designing something instead.

Working with an industrial designer, she designed what’s today known as the Zoozaro Pram Pouch.

It took 18 months to design, test and perfect it.

“I took it with me all around – swimming lessons, to the park – all sorts of places, and I thought this is it.”

Emily even launched the product on the day she gave birth to her son, Sam.

The pram pouch is made with marine grade mesh, it folds up with the pram, it’s easily detachable – perfect for any parent on the go.

“Every time I sell one – I feel so good because they don’t know how good it’s going to be,” Emily said.

“When I became a mum, I realised I couldn’t just go out the door and leave with ease and that’s the feeling I wanted to replicate.

“People have said I don’t know how I managed before I had it.

“It’s just designed to help people – that’s what I wanted to do.”

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