Parents urged to seek permission from pre-school aged kids before taking photos and posting them online


Parents should get into the habit of asking their child before taking a photo of them and posting it online, the office of the eSafety Commissioner warns.

In a new booklet called Online Safety for Under 5’s, parents are being urged to ask their child’s permission and explain to them who will see it online, before publishing anything.

“Let them know who will see it, why you want to share it and respect their decision if they don’t want you to share it,” the booklet reads.

“It may seem silly to ask permission from a 2-year-old, particularly as children can’t legally give consent to share their image. But the point is to model consent and respectful data sharing practices.”

Other tips include:

  • Teach your child to ask before dong anything new online
  • Let them know they won’t be in trouble if they ask for help about something they encounter online
  • Make sure your child knows what their “personal information” is, including full name, birthday, address, contact information and photos
  • Explore quality content together

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