A holistic approach to children’s wellbeing at Niño ELA

 Sleep and rest play an important role in any child’s development, as well as supporting their emotional wellbeing.

At Niño Early Learning Adventures, there is a real focus on supporting children’s health and wellbeing in a holistic way.

The Niño Early Learning Adventures Infant Specialist Training and Curriculum is a specialised program to benefit children enrolled at the centres, as well as families and educators. It is a stand alone program unique to the early childhood services sector.

For many parents of babies and toddlers, creating good sleep associations and routines can be a tricky, daunting prospect and support can be hard to find.

This program supports children to achieve lifelong benefits associated with good sleep and rest.

Nicole Atcheson, Niño ELA’s Infant Specialised Practitioner, explains that she endorses a response base gentle-approach to help children settle at sleep time, taking into account the child’s emotional needs, while responding to their cues.

There is also a hotline for families who are enrolled at Niño ELA centres to connect with Nicole to discuss some of their issues or concerns regarding their child’s sleep or rest. It’s an invaluable, free resource.

“We also run parent evening sessions where parents can come along and we do a general session around difficult sleep, where parents can ask questions,” she explained. “It does open the door for parents to know they are not the only ones struggling, so it opens up a bit of a network too.

“We also really enhance and train our educators around safe sleeping and settling techniques so supporting them in furthering their understanding of child development and sleep.”

Training is also provided to all educators with a focus on reading baby’s cues, sleep settling and infant development, as well as the circle of security, primary caregiving and the health and wellbeing of babies, in a caring and safe environment.

Nicole spends a lot of time with fellow educators to mentor them about infant development, sleep and rest to support the differing needs of children as they grow. The program aims to support children both at home and at care.

The hotline is also available for families who may be experiencing postnatal depression or anxiety, or other mental health issues where they can seek support and assistance, before being referred on to an appropriate provider.

The staff at Niño ELA believe creating happy, thriving children in an inspiring, safe environment is paramount.

To find out more or for centre tours, visit https://ninoela.com.au/