Every thread counts at PSW

PSW''s Greg Madigan with the customiseable beanie. 205471_04 Picture: ROB CAREW **PLEASE CROP IN IMAGE**

 PSW offers a full design service for primary or secondary school uniforms and is recognised as one of the leading direct-to-school suppliers in the country.

PSW’s aim is to make sure every child feels comfortable in high quality garments and to ensure every school’s brand is immaculately represented.

Greg Madigan, general manager of sales and marketing at PSW, said the company tailors to the individual needs of schools and designs, manufactures and manages new uniforms for them.

“The whole theme around that is making the school look great – so if there’s a traditional school uniform and people are looking to upgrade or try something new, we would be at their doorstep to provide that service,” he said.

The company has enjoyed a busy back to school period, helping to get students ready for the school year.

“To see the volume of parents and kids come through, leaving with a smile on their faces, particularly the Preps and Year 7s as they head into new adventures, is incredible,” he said.

Last year, PSW opened a brand-new warehouse style store in Cheltenham, after 30 years in the area.

“That style of store is really to provide that one on one fitting service and ensuring that customers are getting the right fit of uniform for their child,” he said.

“Of our 18 stores there’s roughly one third of them operating under that warehouse concept.

“It’s about providing better service and outcomes for parents, schools and kids.”

Heading into winter, PSW has introduced some new garments including a customisable beanie and puffer jacket.“We are always trying to continually improve and offer new items and uniforms,” he said. “

A lot of the time we are guided by what schools want but we also want to get ahead of the curve and find out what the next fashion product might be that could suit a uniform.”

PSW is proud of its service to schools.

“We manage the whole supply chain right through from concept and design to delivery of the uniform either direct to schools or through our extensive retail network.”

For more information, visit https://www.psw.com.au/