What a hoot! A new chapter for Jimmy Rees

He''s back on the road and Jimmy''s excited to pull on the costume.

By Danielle Galvin

Jimmy Rees is a household name these days.

He’s more than just every preschooler’s favourite as Jimmy Giggle on Giggle and Hoot, the ABC’s long-running show.

Last year he competed on Dancing with the Stars, and he’s got something of a social media following thanks to his hilarious tidbits sharing the chaos of his everyday life with three kids.

This year marks a new chapter for Jimmy, touring around with Giggle and Hoot after wrapping up production of the show last year after 10 years on the air.

He’s working on some new projects as well as spending more of his days running after the three boys, Lenny, and twins Mack and Vinny.

In late March* he’ll start touring and he can’t wait.

“It’s always been such fun getting out and meeting people,” he said.

“It’s going to be great to pull on the costume and get out to the east coast, Adelaide and regional Australia.”

This year he’s thinking of taking eldest son Lenny, 4, on the road.

“When I travel up north I think I will take him with me, he knows what to do and there’s plenty of crew to help look after him,” he said.

As for having a well-known, recognisable dad, Lenny’s aware his dad is pretty special.

“I think over the years he has gotten more used to it or understood other people watch the show,” he said.

“He started asking questions about a year ago – like ‘how do you know that person?’ and I say ‘well I don’t, they know me!’”

Lenny loves watching dad on stage.

“He loves the stage and the theatre of it all,” Jimmy said.

“It’s fun for him, he gets the royal treatment and gets to go backstage.”

Making the decision to wrap up after 10 years was a difficult one.

After the last show, Jimmy admits the ‘waterworks started’ when he thanked the crew behind the camera, and all of the memories of the past decade came flooding back.

Growing up, Jimmy recalls being inspired by the likes of TV host Rove McManus, and an eagerness to get in front of the camera.

These days, his life is chaotic and full of adventure and fun, although he could never have imagined how incredible his life would be and that his job title would be “children’s entertainer”.

“It was such an amazing show,” he said.

Jimmy and his wife Tori opened up about the fact they had difficulty conceiving in between having Lenny and the twins.

Tori suffered miscarriages and eventually after two years of trying they tried IVF.

Asked about any advice for anyone having twins, he laughs and says “oh my goodness!’ before quickly adding it’s Tori who runs the show and has some incredible organisational skills.

“For people having twins – it’s like having 10 jobs at once!

“I would just say do what you can, try not to get fomo because they do take over your life.

“Try get them in a routine, you benefit from it and so do they.

“My wife’s Instagram has some great tips and tricks!”

On his Facebook page, Jimmy often posts about his children – the hard times and the hilarious everyday moments.

One video recently showed all three boys of a morning, Lenny dancing on the TV unit and his baby brothers following suit.

“It may as well be real – it’s all chaos at our joint!”

The tour won’t be the last you’ll see of Jimmy. He has some exciting projects in the wings, and he’s always keen to reprise the much loved role of Jimmy Giggle.

*The tour has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

For complete tour and ticket information, visit: livenation.com.au