Top 100 baby names revealed

The top 100 baby names in Australia have been revealed, with Charlotte and Oliver once again taking out the top spot.

The latest research from the 2019 McCrindle Australian Baby Names Report shows some interesting additions to the top 100 list.

In 2018, there were just over 300,000 babies born in Australia.

“Around one in ten Australian newborns were given one of the top ten baby names,” the report reads.

Charlotte, the name given to 1,673 Australian baby girls in 2018, has been crowned the number one baby name since overtaking Olivia in 2015.

Oliver, the name given to 2,134 Australian baby boys in 2018, has enjoyed an uninterrupted six years at the top spot since overtaking Jack in 2013.

Taking a look back, some names weren’t as popular in the 2010-2018 period as in previous years – Blake, Jake, Hayley, Chelsea and others dropped back in popularity.

Other interesting facts include:

  • Parents continue to use the botanical theme as a source of naming. This can be seen in names like Willow (10th), Ivy (18th), Lily (22nd), Violet (39th), Poppy (41st), Daisy (47th), Rose (56th), Jasmine (63rd), and Olive (79th).
  • While most names on the top 100 are more distinctly boys’ or girls’ names, several girls’ names from the top 100 can be interchanged for boys’ names. Some examples of these names include Harper (8th), Frankie (44th), Billie (66th), and Mackenzie (54th).
  • In the 1950s – John and Susan were the top baby names, in the 1990s it was Matthew and Jessica
  • Looking at a global perspective, Oliver was also the top boy’s name in the UK and in New Zealand. In the US and Canada, it was Liam.
    For girls, New Zealand was also the same as Australia with Charlotte trending number one. In the US, Emma, in the UK it was Olivia and in Canada, Ava was the top choice.

Source: McCrindle research 

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