Flu shots – Glen Eira Council

Heading into winter, health authorities are reminding all Victorians it’s time to get a flu shot if you haven’t already.

To date, no Victorians have died from the flu in 2020.

There have been over 4,500 confirmed cases, Glen Eira Mayor Margaret Esakoff said.

“According to the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, improved hygiene practises and social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic is partly to thank for the reduction in the amount of flu cases, which for the same time period last year stood at 31 deaths and 15,358 confirmed cases,” she said.

“The reduction in the number of cases is a great result, but it’s important that we all continue to play our part in helping fight the flu this winter.

“The best way you can protect yourself further and help prevent getting and spreading the flu, is with an annual flu shot.”

That’s why council is providing free flu vaccinations at its community sessions for:

  • children aged six months to less than five years;
  • pregnant women; and
  • people aged over 65

More info here: getting a flu shot