One quarter of Aussie parents too nervous to get their child COVID-19 tested

Almost three quarters of Australian parents are concerned about their child having the COVID-19 test, worried it might be stressful or uncomfortable for them.

The Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll polled 1434 parents, with 30 per cent admitting their worries were very likely to stop them from taking their child to have a test.

The highest level of concern is among parents of children aged zero to less than five years (80 per cent).

“As a parent myself, I understand concerns parents have. There are a number of ways you can help ease anxiety in your kids including having them sit on your lap or talking to them calmly about what’s happening without too many details,” Dr Anthea Rhodes, paediatrician and poll director, said.

“It can be stressful for parents too – by staying calm yourself you will help your child to cope with the experience.”

Other key facts:

  • 40 per cent of parents indicated that they may not take their child for a test due to fears of what people would think if their child tested positive.
  • More than a quarter of parents (29 per cent) also indicated they would not want people to know if their child tested positive.
  • Almost half of parents (46 per cent) are still unsure about which symptoms would mean their child needed a COVID-19 test

Watch below a child’s guide to hospital and getting the test: