A new venture for tee party specialists

Charlotte, Alice and Eva. Pictures: Bayside mum & stylist Cat Matthews (@catja_em).

By Danielle Galvin

When two Bayside mums saw a post on social media from a friend in Sydney sharing photos of an adorable teepee sleepover party, it ignited an idea for a new business venture.

Josette Frost saw the teepee party and mentioned it to friend Clare Fahey, and together they set the wheels in motion.

There was nothing else like it in Melbourne, so they decided it was exactly what Melbourne families needed – specialised teepee party sleepovers.

Today they are the ‘teeparty crew’ and love spreading joy, creating memories for children and parents, as well ensuring a big focus on supporting and propping up other local businesses.

Their business, Teeparty, offers a unique and personalised service with beautiful teepee sleepover parties.

“Clare and I started Teeparty nearly 4 years ago before teepee sleepovers existed in Melbourne,” Josette explained.

“It’s been a lot of fun, from a humble 5 teepees and a logo scribbled on the back of an envelope to now 16 teepees and wholesale accounts for cushions.”

The teepees have all been made by hand and they’ve always been conscious to partner with other locals.

The photos of their previous teepee party set ups truly are every child’s dream true.

It’s all about making them feel special and having a truly memorable party.

And Josette and Clare love arranging the finer details too – from the cake, balloons and more.

This year, they have launched a new addition to their teepee party called ‘Pamper and Sparkle’.

It’s an offering from local mum and beautician Jemma Marr, just a little bit of fun with a manicure and pedicure for the girls.

“There is no makeup, it’s not about beauty,” Josette said.

“We want to keep it simple but special.

“Our setup includes beautiful inspiration cards by artist Meredith Gaston.

“Our pamper is by Jemma, a beautician and a stay at home mum in Cheltenham with two small children.

“It’s a perfect fit for us.”

And it’s a nice opportunity for girls to get an introduction into that world – without too much fuss.

“It’s all very innocent and it’s about wellbeing as well.”

Something that never gets old each time they organise a party is being told just how wowed the birthday guests are.

“Quite a few of our clients have captured their daughter’s surprise when they have walked in and seen their set up for the first time,” she said.

“It’s really cool and we love that.”

To find out more, visit https://teeparty2u.com/, or find them on Insta www.instagram.com/teeparty2u