The new generation of healthy kids snacks

Laura and her son Isaac and their healthy snack range designed for kids.

By Danielle Galvin

Every parent knows what it’s like to be at the supermarket with your young child when they spot a strategically packaged snack, and they look at you longingly.

“Mummy, can I have this?”

But the difficulty parents face is that more often than not, those cleverly marketed toddler snacks are packed with sugar, preservatives, and rarely a hint of anything nutritious.

This is partly what led Bayside mum Laura Allan to develop her own range of toddler snacks.

She did it because she was frustrated by the lack of diversity in kids’ snacks, and the fact that very few could actually be classed as healthy, despite many masquerading as “organic”, fruit or vegetable based or nutritious.

“I’ve always been into health and wellness, that’s always been really important to me,” she explained.

“I have always been focused on clean eating and eating well and very focused on what’s going into my body.

“Once you then have a child you are more aware of what you are buying.

“I was really surprised with a lot of the children’s snacks, just how much sugar is in them.

“When you start reading these snacks sometimes there is 40-45% sugar in there.

“[And often] there’s no connection between the snacks and actual food.”

Laura, who has a sales background, found a void when kids hit that preschool age of healthy options.

She believes it’s important to develop a healthy relationship with food from a young age, which includes the occasional ice-cream or treat.

What she found hard to take with many of the products on the market is the fact that they say they have fruit or vegetables, but they’re packed with preservatives.

That’s why ‘Isaac’s Snacks’ has been such a love job – she wanted to be able to give parents great choices for their kids.

Particularly those kids who are less inclined to pick up a piece of fruit on an average day.

Quite simply, she wanted something better.

Isaac’s Snacks uses locally sourced wholefood ingredients in a resealable pouch, using between 5-8 whole, natural ingredients and nothing else.

The two products she’s developed include the Super Seedelicious Crackers and the Jammy Date Bites, with plans to develop more in the future.

Many parents can relate to the ongoing frustration of trying to keep your kids eating healthily when you’re on the go and pushed for time, or when you’re packing their lunch for kindergarten or daycare.

“It’s about having that choice and being able to pop something else into the lunchbox,” Laura said.

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Here Laura shares a recipe that’s always a hit with her young son, cheese and seed crackers.


· 100g white or whole wheat plain flour

· 150g grated cheddar

· 40g sunflower seeds

· 40g pumpkin seeds

· 3 tbsp mild olive oil

· 1-2 Tablespoons water


1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

2. Place flour and cheese in a food processor and blitz

3. Add seeds, blitz again until the mix is a fine crumb

4. Slowly add olive oil and as much water is needed for the mix to come together into a ball

5. Place the dough ball on a baking paper lined tray and roll out until about 4-5mm thick

6. Use a cookie cutter or knife to cut into crackers

7. Bake for 15-20 minutes, until base is golden brown

8. Enjoy!