Funny things kids say (and why you should write them down!)

Creating a memory jar is just one idea.

By Danielle Galvin

A few years ago when my daughter was little, I remember reading something on social media about writing down the funny things your kids say.

At the time, she wasn’t talking yet. But I remembered the sentiment – that you might forget the funny, memorable things and phrases they come out with, if you don’t write them down at the time.

It’s because they come out with such funny stuff all the time, that we take it for granted when they are little.

The idea was to have a jar and write it down, pop it in the jar when they say something funny, so you don’t forget it.

I love this idea!

Because sadly, we do forget as the years pass.

Over the years, my miss 5 has come out with some corkers and there’s quite a few that stick in my mind.

The most recent one which I found hilarious was when she genuinely questioned how her cheeky little brother got any presents at Christmas.

“I don’t know why he got any presents from Santa – he’s always super naughty.”

When she was little, probably around 2, she’d get “you” and “me” mixed up all the time.

“Mummy pick you up?” she’d say, arms out for me to hold her.

She also used to say “par park” instead of car park, and “vox” instead of fox.

She also heard us say “LOL” colloquially, she started saying “YOL”. And now that has of course stuck!

My littlest, who has just turned 2, is basically a little parrot.

He likes to repeat his request to you multiple times “carry me, carry me”.

I hope I never forget his high-pitched, sweet little voice and how he calls every animal a meow meow.

I asked around, and other parents had some crackers.

One friend’s little girl says “fill it up” when she wants the volume turned up.

And she calls fireworks “fire boom boom”.

There’s plenty of ways to document these funny moments in life.

Thankfully we can all pull out our phones and video them with such ease, so that we have these little snapshots in time that capture our child’s innocence so perfectly.

And then on the other side of the coin, there’s the times they are far too brutally honest with no filter at all.

They like to point out the obvious, don’t they?

A friend shared recently her 3-year-old boy pointed at a man in the supermarket to ask about his “fat tummy”. Totally innocent of course, but mortifying!

Here are some ideas:

– Create a memory jar: jot down the funny things your kids say, and pop them in a jar. Don’t think you’ll do it later, do it before you forget!

– Some people keep journals or diaries with these sorts of things: birthday cards, special pieces of art the kids have made

– Film it! If your kid comes out with something funny, recreate it. It sounds obvious but sometimes you need a photo or a video to jog your memory to remember some funny thing they said or did