When nothing is everything

Hunter's parents Matt and Ash (centre) with Kidsafe Victoria CEO Melanie Courtney (left) and Kidsafe Victoria president Erica Edmands (right). Ash and Matt were among the 32 Victorian families who lost their little one due to an unintentional injury in 2020.

Every year there are many stories of serious unintentional childhood injuries and deaths in the news. When we read these, we all hope that it won’t happen to us, to our friends or to our families.

Ash and Matt never thought it would be them. Never thought they would lose their son Hunter just after he reached his 2nd birthday. Never thought they would be picking out an outfit for their little boy to wear, one last time. But it has now been 12 months since Hunter drowned in a dam. Twelve months since the day they had to say goodbye.

“It’s hard to come to terms that our son Hunter isn’t here with us. My heart breaks more every day waking up without him. It’s hard to even contemplate ever celebrating anything without him,” explained Ash.

Sadly, Ash and Matt aren’t alone. In 2020, 32 Victorian families lost their little one due to an unintentional injury – that’s almost one child every 11 days.

In response to the significant increase in injury related deaths, Kidsafe Victoria have launched a new community awareness campaign – ‘Nothing is Everything’. The campaign highlights the world which Kidsafe is trying to create – a world where nothing bad happens to kids – by providing a reminder of the little things that we can all do to help reduce the risk of unintentional injuries.

As part of the campaign, Kidsafe Victoria have developed an injury prevention kit for parents and carers, providing links to a range of free resources and practical advice. They are encouraging all families to download and utilise resources such as their home and farm safety checklists, to help ensure that ‘nothing happens’.

Because when nothing happens, children aren’t admitted to hospital due to serious injury. When nothing happens, children don’t have to live with the lasting impacts from preventable injuries. When nothing happens, parents don’t have to deal with a lifetime of loss.

When it comes to our children, when nothing happens, there’s everything to celebrate. And that’s down to all of us. Together, we can keep kids safe.

To find out more about the ‘Nothing is Everything’ campaign or access the campaign resources, please visit www.kidsafevic.com.au/about/nothing-is-everything/