Benefits of a bilingual education

Deutsche Schule Melbourne (DSM) is committed to offering a world-class bilingual learning program.

Creating curious global citizens

From cognitive advantages to community building and cultural understanding, the benefits of a bilingual education cannot be understated.

Research has shown that learning in two languages helps children build a strong educational foundation. It also develops vital skills necessary to thrive in today’s global environment.

Students exposed to bilingualism are also often linked to better academic results. And, because of their fluency in a second language and culture, bilingual children can access more diverse career opportunities later in life.

That’s why Deutsche Schule Melbourne (DSM) is committed to offering a world-class bilingual learning program for primary school children in Melbourne.

Located in Fitzroy North, DSM is an accredited German School Abroad, known for its immersion model of education. Through this approach, students pick up the language through conversation and play. And under the guidance of highly qualified teachers from Germany and Australia, every student is empowered to reach their full potential.

DSM prides itself to be more than an education institution. As an integral part of both local and German-speaking communities, the school seeks to provide their students with the opportunity to learn and live within a close-knit, multilingual community.

As Principal Bernice Ressel puts it, bilingualism is more than just learning in two different languages. It’s about fostering a love of lifelong learning and curiosity – and cultivating an interest in another culture.

“Two mother tongues enable students to see the world from different perspectives, to realise their individual potential, and to become creative and confident participants in the global community,” she says.

Currently, DSM is home to over 140 students, with more than 27 nationalities and 18 spoken languages.

Families don’t need to speak German to fit into the DSM community. The school welcomes students with no prior German knowledge – including after the Foundation Year.

DSM will be hosting their next Open Day on Saturday, 19 March 2022. Until then, they are offering small group tours to interested families.

To learn more about DSM, email or call 03 9489 9364.