Lots of summer fun to be had

Harlow is a fan of Beach Park in Sandringham. Pictures: Rob Carew

By Melissa Meehan

A playground beside the beach is pretty much the perfect spot to while away the summer days.

And, let me tell you, Beach Park in Sandringham, is the perfect spot.

It may not be big in size, but this recently upgraded playground is the place to be when the kids are full of energy in the morning and can cool down in the water after lunch.

Summer bliss.

It has all the usual things including sandpits (how could you not so close to the actual beach), slides, swings and a lookout tower.

Personally, I love a park with a water play area – and this one is fantastic.

It’s by the sandpit which as got a giant octopus in the middle and heaps of ways the water can trickle down.

From experience, I’d certainly suggest bringing togs or a change of clothes.

It is ace!

There’s also something I’ve never seen before, a rope type swing roundabout thing – the official name on the council website is a spinning rope swing.

Whatever you call it, the little ones loved it.